Hello, White Water Rider

What’s up, White Water Rider? We’re surprised to see you on dry land. You’ve never been one for still waters, so you create a splash whenever you can. Hey, if that means installing an industrial-sized fan above your master bath soak tub, so be it. With a dream and a contractor’s permission, anything is possible. When you’re not jerry-rigging a makeshift wave pool at home, you’re out white water rafting in Denver or Jackson Hole. Read more

“Lazy rivers, shmazy rivers” you always say. You’re a hot minute from filling out the paperwork to trademark the phrase, and we say you should go for it. After all, you have enough river rafting under your belt to really stand behind it. There’s nothing like the thrill of crashing over a whitecap in places like Whistler and Montreal, being left breathless for a moment while a mist of water hits your face. Yep, that’s your idea of Nirvana. You love it so much you sometimes make your friends spritz you with a bit of Evian when you go over a speed bump. Whatever it takes to get through the day until you get back to the river, we get it. You wouldn’t dream of vacationing somewhere without easy access to water rapids, and you don’t have to start now. There are tons of destinations that let you embrace your outdoorsy spirit and love of rushing H2O. Grab your paddle and sense of adventure and hit the road, pal. From Bali to Arizona, the world is waiting to take you on your next wild ride. Read less