Hello, Whale Watcher

Hello there, Whale Watcher. Can we trouble you to put down your first edition copy of “Moby Dick” for just a moment? It seems you love to watch oversized mammals make a splash, and we’re not talking about that sweet sumo cannonball contest you attended last summer. Your obsession with orcas has not gone unnoticed, nor has your fervor for fin whales. The deck of a whale watching cruise is your home away from home, and you have a tiny whale ponytail hairstyle to prove it. Read more

Some folks are afraid to encounter a majestic humpback when they’re out in open waters, but they’re dorks as far as you’re concerned. You consider a whale sighting a sign of good luck. Ever since you adopted Billy the Beluga through an environmental charity, whenever you’re whale watching in Alaska you keep a look out for good old Bill. Naturally, your favorite place to hop on a boat and start searching for blow holes is San Diego. This city is one after your own heart, having taken its name from the German phrase for a whale’s…elbow? Was that it? Our Deutsch is rusty. Maybe you prefer to combine whale watching tours in Los Cabos with a brunch cruise, but you could always embark on a dolphin adventure tour in Brisbane that includes a side of whale spotting. No matter your style, there are boats from San Francisco to St. Lucia waiting to take you out on the water. There’s nothing left to do now but perfect your whale call and set sail. Read less