Hello, Underwater Adventurer

That snorkel mask really suits you, Underwater Adventurer. And we know you’ll put it to good use in T-10 minutes, if only in your home aquarium. Let’s be honest, your one regret in life is that you don’t have fins. Of course, if you had three wishes, growing mermaid scales would be on the short list for consideration. Since you first took the plunge and cannonballed into the deep end of Aunt Rita’s swimming pool, you’ve been hooked on H2O. These days, you try to spend your free time swimming with manta rays in Hawaii and scuba diving in Sint Maarten. Read more

There’s no two ways about it: You’re not crazy about being on solid ground. Why else would you have renovated your hallway to look like the inside of a yellow submarine? If snorkeling was a recognized sport in the Summer Olympics, you would be the captain of the team and designing patriotic googles right now. Of course, if your petition goes through, you’ll be organizing the first group of ragtag snorkeling dreamers for the games in 2020. You’ve met some of your best friends while exploring a coral reef. He doesn’t write, he doesn’t call, but in your heart you know that parrotfish from the Great Barrier Reef still thinks about you. Cliff diving is your favorite activity, but then again, so is cave diving. And then there’s your love for swimming with dolphins. Whether you want to snorkel in Costa Rica or peek beneath the surface on a glass-bottom boat tour in Maui, there are plenty of ways to enjoy some underwater fun. More than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, so grab a wetsuit and your custom swim cap. We’ll see you when you come up for air. Read less