Hello, Paddle Puller

You love a good paddle. Whether you’re wielding long, sea-slicing otter tails or round, water-scooping sugar islands, you know the best way to get anywhere is to pull yourself there. So things got a little weird in kindergarten when other kids brought in their goldfish and teddy bears for show-and-tell, while you made the whole class board a paddle boat for an imaginary river tour. Hey, when you build a beautiful barge out of an inflatable pool raft and your baby sister’s retired car seat, you should share it. Read more

You’ve been through a few upgrades since those days, and have become quite the kayaking connoisseur. Aquatic queries keep you up at night. For example, what effects do salt content have on the buoyancy and balance of different life vests? Well, dip your oars in a few oceans and find out. Test how long you can stand up while paddle boarding in La Jolla, book a canoe rental off the coast of New Zealand, and roll your kayak in the rivers of Bali. After all, your credo is “If you don’t get wet, you aren’t doing it right.” Of course, you’re not a one-beat beaver. Since your adventure accessories already include a helmet, put down the paddles (for a little while) and bike, hike, and snorkel through San Diego. Or, buckle your life vest and booze it up with cold beers and colder beaches in Seattle. Your coastal brewery guide can be the designated…rower. Seventy-one percent of the earth’s surface is covered in water, so lean in and take to the sea on your next vacation. Read less