Hello, Walking Wayfarer

Hey-oh, walkaholic. If you’re good at one thing, it’s hoofing it from Point A to Point B. You are a Walking Wayfarer, after all. If you ever put your mind to competing as a race walker in the Olympics, you would pump your arms all the way to the gold. As far as you’re concerned, any journey can become more interesting if you make the trip sans wheels. Case in point: You never would have met that lovely pirate magician if you hadn’t walked your way around Prague. Read more

Not that you need a motivation to take walking tours, but the promise of sweets or a nice merlot doesn’t hurt. That food and wine tour in Florence was one for the history books, and the thought of a NYC architecture tour followed by an award-winning meal makes you giddy. The only thing that makes you laugh harder than a Christopher Walken punchline is the thought of taking a cab in Chicago when you have the chance to embark on a river walk. How can you snap a selfie in front of that shiny bean if you don’t take off on foot? Whether you’re on a downtown Hamburg city walk or street food tour in Hanoi, your tennis shoe treads know they’re about to go to work. As soon as you land in a new locale and get your bags put away, you mean business. The good news is there are millions of roads across the globe just waiting to be explored. It’s time to grab your best walkin’ shoes and hit the pavement. Read less