Hello, Ghost Hunter

Can we bother you to put down your EMF detector for a while, Ghost Hunter? Go ahead and leave your voice recorder running, though, we’d hate for you to miss an EVP. You’ve always loved to be spooked, and much to your parent’s chagrin, you never outgrew it. These days you’re interested in more than slinking through the local cemetery after dark, though. You’ve graduated to embarking on official ghost tours in your spare time, and you’re happy to provide your own analysis of even the most famously haunted locations. Read more

If a friend or neighbor mentions hearing something go bump in the night, you say “Who you gonna call?” and if they respond with “Ghostbusters,” you disown them for life. You’re the one who should be on speed dial for all specter-related emergencies. From Savannah to Barcelona, if a destination stands a chance of having a few old souls lurking around, you’re there. And you won’t be impressed by the occasional shaking glass or rogue orb. It’s not scary until someone’s head spins around a la “The Exorcist.” Some people think Halloween is the only time to break out their best ghost stories. You commune with the dearly departed on a typical Tuesday night. It’s about time to book your next graveyard tour or ghoulish walking excursion. Even if you don’t manage to see a full apparition, you will still have a good time exploring cities like Memphis and Dublin with spooks on the brain. Bust out your ghost hunting kit and grab a few Red Bulls. It’s time to pull an all-nighter chasing spirits. Read less