Hello, Bus Tourist

You’ve never been one to take the aerial route when you explore a new city. You’re a real tourist of the people, so you like to keep your feet on common ground while you check out local attractions. Plus, your favorite pre-school jam was “The Wheels on the Bus” and it really stuck with you over the years. When you’re called a Bus Tourist, you wear the name like a badge of honor. So what if you have to ask Ted from Kansas to move his head away from the window from time to time? You can still get that pic of the Eiffel Tower, and guess what? You just made a new friend. Read more

As far as you’re concerned, hop-on hop-off bus tours are the way to go when sightseeing is on the travel menu. You can switch off your phone’s map app (see ya never, international data charges), because your driver knows the way to all the major hot spots. The sweet breeze of conditioned air on a hot summer day doesn’t hurt, either. Whether you’re taking to the roads of Sri Lanka or you want to make your way around Hamburg, a double-decker bus is your new home away from home. What can you say, a helicopter adventure just doesn’t sound as appealing as a tour bus ride. What good is a shot of the city from thousands of feet in the air? You’d rather hop off your coach bus and get up close and personal with the sights, sounds, and smells of a new destination. The closer you can get to warm pretzel stands and street musicians, the better. Now is the time to book your next bus tour in an exciting city, so lace up your walking shoes and get ready to hit the road! Read less