Hello, Caribbean Dreamer

Sure, it can be difficult to doze off at night when you have an all-consuming obsession with Hawaii. But that coconut bra isn’t going to wear itself and you paid good money for it, so sleeping on your back it is. You’re the ultimate Hawaiian Holidayer, always on the hunt for things to do in Maui and scoping out the chicest spots on Waikiki Beach using Google Maps. The day you attended your first of many luaus ranks up there with your college graduation and wedding. Read more

Sometimes it’s secluded space on Kauai you seek, and other times a crowded tour on the Big Island sounds about right. You’re just happy to be on island time and within about 5 feet of loco moco at all times. Yes, if taking Hawaiian vacations was a viable career path, your high school guidance counselor would have just given you a shaka and called it a day. You’re into traditional Hawaiian activities, like hanging ten and visiting the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. But you’re ready to broaden your horizons by now. Luckily for you, things to do in Hawaii also include outrigger canoe trips and volcano tours. If you catch a faint whiff of pineapple in the air, it’s just the universe telling you to get back to the islands. It’s time put that customized snorkel mask to good use, don’t you think? Read less