Hello, Beach Buff

You’ve been a fan of the beach since you took your first foray into a sandbox as a toddler. Something about that fine earth between your toes sent you straight to your happy place. You’re a beach buff, so the sun is your alarm clock by day and the waves are your lullaby by night. When you need some quiet time, you mentally escape to The Bahamas or Jamaica. To the unobservant boss you appear to be carefully studying that Excel spreadsheet, but in your mind you’re taking surfing lessons in Mallorca. No judgements here. Read more

Sometimes you hop from stone to stone in a tide pool looking for starfish. And sometimes you are that starfish on the beach: face up, limbs out, recovering from your fish burrito especial. Either way, you look right at home in front of a palm tree backdrop. When it comes time to book a vacation, you’re not interested in become a landlubber. Hiking is for the birds; you’re much more interested in sailing off the shores of Waikiki or making a sand angel on Bondi Beach. Beach vacations are your well-deserved getaway, and it’s time to start planning. So suck it up, soldier through the horror that is finding a new swimsuit, and grab a new pair of flippy-flops while you’re at it. Destinations like Santorini, Greece and Cozumel, Mexico are a few tourists shy and you would make a nice addition to the landscape. Read less