Hello, Golf Guru

Is there a Golf Guru beneath that visor? Why indeed there is. Your chip shot is looking fine, so let’s chat. It’s hard to say when your love of the putting green was born, but it might have been when you sunk a hole-in-one playing mini-golf and everyone chanted your name. That windmill was no match for you, and neither are most of the courses you play these days. You’re just waiting to get spotted scoring an eagle on the 18th hole so you can finally ink that Nike sponsorship. Hey, you haven’t been whitening your teeth and trying on green jackets at the mall for nothing. Read more

When you’re not polishing your 4-iron, you’re playing a thing you like to call mental golf. Some of your best golf vacations have taken place when you’re reclined in your armchair, peepers closed. Nice finish on St. Andrews, by the way. Now that your mind is right, however, you’re ready to tee off for real at some of the world’s finest courses. Luckily for you, there are golf vacation packages ready to lure you to an exciting destination. The time has come for you to get a birdie in the likes of Maui or Cabo. So grab the sunscreen and rest your vocal cords. You’ve got some “Fore!” yelling to do on a sunny course. The golf trips of your dreams are just a few clicks away and there is no excuse not to put your name on a tee time. Read less