Hello, Fishing Fanatic

All your “big fish” stories are true—well, most of them. Catching an actual Megalodon shark with a whole cow might be an embellishment. Ask any angling aficionado and they’ll tell you, fantastic tales are part and parcel of any successful fishing trip. Wrestling scaly swimmers and sinking a line invigorates your fin-loving heart. Nothing soothes your sole-seeking soul like getting out on the water early and sitting quietly on a ripple-free lake, because you’re a Fishing Fanatic. While you haven’t talked all your friends into booking fishing vacation packages yet, you do have a mysteriously long line of dinner guests whenever you get back from salmon fishing. Go figure. Read more

Be honest. When your neighbor Jane first said, “Let’s play Go Fish!,” you were disappointed when she brought out a deck of cards rather than graphite rods and a tackle box. Yeah, you like a good game, but if your finned friends are involved you’d rather be sport fishing off the coast of Mexico than asking your brother if he has any sixes. Is it too much to ask that when people say “Go Fish” they mean it? Float a line through the canals near Paris, snorkel along the Gold Coast, or bundle up for deep-sea fishing in Nova Scotia. If you love to eat the catch of the day, remember, most of the world’s diets include vast amounts of Nemo’s cousins. To chow down on fried catfish in Floribbian food and nibble on savory seaside starters in Barcelona, stop drooling and start planning your next fishing trip. When was the last time you saw a sign that read “Stayed fishing” anyway? Never? Well, there you go. Read less