Hello, The Jokester

Hey, you with the whoopee cushion, we’re talking to you. If laughter is the best medicine, you should have your own prescription pad. When someone says they’ve never laughed so hard they peed a little, you hand them a Depends and consider the challenge accepted. When it comes to comedy show attendance, you’re at the head of the class. Whether you’re at a funny magic show in Las Vegas or a comedy club in Chicago, you’re always chuckling the loudest and looking for ideas to perfect your own material. Read more

Maybe your 10th-grade teach didn’t appreciate your sweet improv skills, but that’s her loss. These days, you only associate yourself with people who get your jokes. When someone laughs so hard milk comes out of their nose, you yell, “My work here is done!” Then you find the nearest mic, drop it, and walk out of the room. One of these days, you’re going to get discovered and have your own stand-up comedy special on HBO. Until then, you’ll have to settle for sitting in the front row at the live shows of your idols. There are plenty of acts taking the stage these days, from Calgary to Seoul. When you need to work those ab muscles with a good old laugh attack, there is no reason to wait. Hit the road now, get to giggling, and support your favorite comics. If you totally lose it and let out a snort, we bet no one will notice and put the video on Instagram. Yep, almost no chance of that happening. Read less