Hello, Safari Ranger

On the outside you may look like a polished adult. On the inside, you feel like you ought to be the new host of Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet on SNL (“That’s one fuzzy bug!”). It must be because you’re a Safari Ranger at heart. You get excited at the thought of an African safari or jungle excursion. Let’s be honest, if so much as a strange-looking bug saunters onto your property, you throw on your best camo and check it out with a magnifying glass. Read more

You could play it safe and watch the lions from afar at the safari park, and you’ve certainly taken your fair share of selfies in front of the den at the local zoo. Still, there’s nothing quite like getting photobombed by Simba on a lion country safari. You don’t care if you’re on the back of a 4x4 truck or riding shotgun in a jeep, an exhilarating trip through a savanna brings out your adventurous side and you like it. You’re ready to roar louder than Katy Perry (let’s just hope no one takes an Instagram video). From the desert to a volcano and everything in between, no backdrop is too rugged for the perfect safari. You’ll brave all sorts of conditions for the chance to catch your favorite wildlife on film. With a set of binoculars and more enthusiasm than your safari mates would frankly care to deal with, anything is possible. Who knows, your dream of embedding yourself in a community of gazelles may come to fruition. What are you waiting for? It’s time to dust off your best wide-brimmed hat and make your way to the caravan. Read less