Hello, Nature Lover

You might joke that you spent your childhood training to become a forest ranger or a woodland nymph, but jokes are only as funny as they are true. And you are super funny. Even if neither of those career paths panned out, you still see the world as a giant, glorious adventure park filled with trails to chart, meadows to bask in, and flora and fauna to encounter (except the giant spiders—you can skip those). And let’s be real—you have actually hugged a few redwoods in Yosemite. Inhaling fresh air—thanks to those trees—fills your heart and lungs with joy because you’re a Nature Lover. Read more

In addition to building your impressive knowledge of coral species from all over the world, you’re itching to gain new experiences…as long as that itch has nothing to do with falling into a bed of stinging nettles like that one time in Portugal. Não, obrigado. Get a birds-eye view ziplining between Ceiba trees in Costa Rica, enjoy walks through faraway forest parks, or hike to the summit of a Caribbean volcano crater (say that five times fast). And when you want to put your feet up, remember that roughing it is only as fun as the au naturel spa treatments that follow. From lush jungle tours in Australia to safaris in South Africa, you can’t get enough of the Great Outdoors. And seriously, why should you? You haven’t played a video game since you were in middle school and no one can ever call you a couch potato. You’d happily trade your cushy sofa for a pup tent and backpacking gear any day. Don’t you think today should be the day you book that trip? Read less