Hello, Ecotourist

Is that a twig in your hair, Ecotourist? Thanks for taking time away from your advocacy to end the war on dandelions (that Change.org petition is really going to make a difference). We’re not saying you’re a tree hugger, but we did notice you giving that mighty oak the once over. You won’t stop at building a tree house in your backyard; you want to really embed yourself in nature from Hawaii to Australia. When you travel, you won’t hear of staying in a skyscraper, and gas-guzzling jeep tours are out of the question. Ecotourism is your organic soap box, and you shall not stand down. Read more

You were never one to hop on the back of a Big Wheel when you could skip your way to your destination. It seems like you were a nature lover from birth. Even other kids thinking you were a bit too passionate about deforestation couldn’t deter you from stopping to smell the roses…and the tulips, and the freshly cut grass. These days, you’ll only tear yourself away from a garden long enough to go scuba diving in Saint Maarten or sign up for eco-tours leading to hidden Oahu waterfalls. You’ve even been known to get sucked in by a trek through Yosemite from time to time. Hopefully your Nissan LEAF is fully charged, because there are loads of outdoor adventures and environmentally-friendly activities calling your name right now. Your next sustainable vacation is within reach, and that paddle board in Sydney ain’t gonna ride itself. If you want to be the face of eco-travel, we suggest you start packing your kale chips and your razor (just kidding, what a waste of space), and make a date with nature right now! Read less