Hello, Animal Lover

You’ve been a true friend to the animal kingdom since you staged that wedding between your childhood hamsters. In fact, it’s a great point of pride that the union between Squiggles and Mr. Hambone lasted a lifetime. You’re clearly an Animal Lover. That’s why you would never spend your entire holiday exclusively with two-legged mammals. You always devote vacation time to mingling with some of Earth’s more exotic residents at an animal park or sea-life aquarium. Read more

You don’t necessarily prefer animals to humans in all cases, but you definitely felt worse for Nemo than you did for Annie. Not that we’re judging--we also hold a special place in our hearts for that small-finned shark bait. As you’re traveling the world, you love to encounter new creatures, and even get face-to-face with a few. Yes, some of your best friends have fur or feathers. Whether you’re waving to a llama at a petting zoo or taking a selfie next to a grinning dolphin, you feel right at home. There is no wildlife safari too wild for you, and no crocodile farm too full of crocs (and that includes the plastic clogs on tourists’ feet). From jungle tours to elephant trekking excursions, the animal kingdom is always calling your name (so what if no one else can hear it, you’re definitely not imagining things). It’s time to grab your camera and perfect your bird call. A world of animal-themed adventures is waiting for you, and today is the day to plan you next big trip! Read less