Hello, Unusual Wheels Enthusiast

You’ve never been one for standard transit, Unusual Wheels Enthusiast. When you were about 3 years old you put some wheels on the living room ottoman and took it for a spin, and you’ve been looking for fun ways to get around ever since. Why would you settle for a taxi in San Fran when there are GoCars to be rented? Yeah, you’re definitely rocking that helmet like the style icon you are. One thing is certain: You’re not afraid to get creative when it comes to transportation, even if that means signing a waiver or three. Read more

Sure, you’re excited about where you’re going next, but why can’t the journey there be a blast? It can be, especially from the seat of a Vespa rental or electric bike rental. You’re also happy to explore the corners of the Earth atop one of the best vehicles ever designed by mankind: the Segway. Amateurs are intimidated by this majestic two-wheeled chariot. They say things like “But how do I turn right?” and “Watch out for that cliff,” but you just strap on your personalized, hand-painted helmet and show Segway tours who’s boss. Whether you’re headed to Nice, Berlin, or Chicago, there is an unusual set of wheels to help you see the city. You can keep building that modified unicycle in your garage if you want, but until it’s perfected you can always travel via smart e-bike or roller skate. It’s time to grab your elbow pads and your sense of whimsy, and head out on your next vacation! Read less