Hello, Mountain Maven

Get your head out of the clouds, will ya? Just kidding. You love fresh air and the head rush at 7,000 feet, Mountain Maven, and that’s why we adore you. The lyrics to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” have always had a special place in your heart. The tune is more than just your karaoke jam, it’s your heart song and it would be the opening theme to your reality show. When you’re not dominating hiking trails, you’re perfecting your mountain climbing technique by scaling up the side of your house. A few wellness checks from well-meaning neighbors are a small price to pay for making sure you have that fisherman’s knot down pat. Read more

You leave lazy beach vacations to other people; you want to feel the adrenaline swell in your veins when you’re skiing down Stowe Mountain in Vermont or trekking around Australia’s Blue Mountains. There is no better feeling than having crisp wind fly past your face at lightning speed. You can drown out the entire world on a Rocky Mountain zipline adventure or Mammoth Mountain ski trip. You know what they say: “When the going gets tough, the tough go mountain biking.” Whether you’re climbing up or abseiling down the side of a mountain peak, you’re in your happy place. You’ve even been known to call shotgun on an alpine jeep tour in the likes of Hawaii or Italy. There is no better time to reach a new (geographic) high than now, mountaineer. Grab your bike and most blinged out mountain gear and head to elevated ground. Read less