Hello, Line Skipper

You there, right in the front. The phrase “No cuts, no butts” never meant anything to you as a kid, not even after Gretchen Silver dumped her Kool-Aid on your head for going to the front of the cupcake line. We see nothing has changed: You’re still a Line Skipper. Whether you’re headed to the Louvre or the Hamburg Dungeon, you’ve got places to be and no time to wait. Why make apologies? As long as you’ve got skip-the-line tickets in hand, everything is on the up and up. Read more

People say you’re impatient like it’s a bad thing, but you prefer to think of yourself as an expert in efficiency. You don’t wait at the back of the line when you can grab a pass that sends you straight to the head of the class. Will the Kensington Palace really look any more royal if you spend an hour waiting to get in? Are the blooms in Amsterdam’s Private Keukenhof Gardens going to smell any sweeter because it took 30 minutes to get through the front gate? No, we didn’t think so, either. And when you can score deals on quick tickets, well, you call that a two-fer. You’ve never been one to waste your precious time. People who don’t make appointments at the DMV or call ahead to order take-out confuse you. Fortunately, there are travel activities that cater to the likes of yourself. You can pick up cheap skip-the-line passes and fast tickets to locales around the world, from Singapore to Barcelona. There’s no reason to wait: Go ahead and skip to the front of the pack right now. Read less