Hello, Offbeat Enthusiast

The thought of a traditional vacation puts you to sleep as fast as a white noise machine. You’re an Offbeat Enthusiast, so you run toward the activities that have other people saying “Ummmm…. I don’t think my insurance covers that.” From haunted tours of insane asylums to pirate kayak excursions under the stars, the weirder the activity, the more your interest is piqued. There is no chocolate-covered insect too unusual to taste-test, and no Stripper 101 course too risqué to attempt (who says Channing has all the moves? You better work!). Read more

You’ve always danced to the beat of your own drummer, though you prefer the soothing rhythm of the much-underrated ukulele. Aside from that time you ended up lost in a corn field, it seems to be working out for you. Why go with the pack when you can blaze your own travel trail? If there is a fork in the road, your instinct is to keep going straight. Go ahead, keep taking the world of voodoo tours and offbeat adventures by storm. If you end up as a blind item about a “strange tourist wearing scuba gear and feathers” in an international newspaper, we won’t judge. There are plenty of strange experiences awaiting you around the world. Not that you need much prodding, but go ahead and sign up for the underwater basket weaving class you’ve been hearing about or take that jet packing tour. No, seriously, the time to set out on your next unorthodox vacation is now! Read less