Hello, Desert Devotee

Like a modern-day Lawrence of Arabia, you’re all about dining on Bedouin barbecue in Wadi Rum before camping overnight under the stars. You adore crackled valleys and red-rock mountains like a kid loves cake and ice cream because you’re a Desert Devotee. When it comes to exploring new paths, breathtaking desert eco tours are at the top of your list. Sometimes you envy your pup Rufus, because when he rolls around in the sunbaked dirt, people don’t give him the side-eye. That won’t stop you from reveling in the landscapes you love, though, because your motto is “Sand is grand.” Read more

Cold and wet are automatic deal-breakers, unless they involve a blue-water oasis and a cool cocktail after a long horseback ride near Dubai. Waking up before dawn to shimmy into a wetsuit for a morning surfing excursion sounds just dandy, but the only wave you’re after is actually the famous rock formation in Australia. And when you get a hankering for tackling the slopes, sand boarding down warm, powdery dunes is your adventure of choice. In fact, you know the finer differences between Saharan and Sonoran sand and where to catch the best air. You are among the few and the brave who love the feeling of tiny granules trapped in the bottom of your hiking boots. If camel rides are on the itinerary, you’re there. Belly dancing lessons in Abu Dhabi? That’s your jam. So what if you skip the neon lights of the Vegas Strip for four-wheeling in the Mojave Desert? Your friends may go home with pockets full of dimes, but your favorite souvenirs include a golden tan, remarkably frizz-free tresses, and a newly acquired ability to survive off two sips of water a day. When the sun blazes overhead, pack your linen shroud, load up on electrolytes, and saddle your canyon-combing donkey, because desert safaris await. It’s a dry heat, after all. Read less