Hello, Wine Aficionado

Wine comes from grapes, and grapes are fruit, and fruit is a food group… so you consider a big glass of Bordeaux part of your balanced meal plan. You’re a wine aficionado, sampling the offerings of Sonoma and Tuscan vineyards with gusto. Organizing bottles of vino by “white” or “red” is for amateurs. You separate your wine rack by region, year, and tannins, thank you very much. While everyone else is laboring over the appetizer selections, you’re always reading the fine print on the wine menu. Read more

You’ve put your monthly wine delivery subscription to good use. In fact, the company’s customer service reps know you by name (you may or may not have received a holiday card from their manager Pam last year). Still, sipping on that sweet fermented nectar from your own chaise lounge is not as satisfying as tasting an assortment of wines on a Greek or French wine tasting tour. Pack your taste buds and practice your stoking technique. It’s time to put the ladies from “Cougar Town” to shame and become the talk of the winery. Your knowledge of flavor sensations makes one thing very clear: You are the #1 fan of grown-up grape juice. And you know what? You deserve a vacation that celebrates it. From California to Germany, there are wine tours just waiting for you. Put down your decanter and start strategizing your next Chardonnay-fueled adventure. Read less