Hello, Pint Professor

Hey, beer pong champion. You’re the master of hops and a pretty huge fan of all things microbrewery. In fact, you’re an esteemed pint professor, so you would never throw out your ale-themed coasters in favor of something more sophisticated. Your favorite mode of transportation is even the pub crawl. While your college classmates were supplementing their partying with the study of biology or creative writing, you were channeling your extra energy into inventing 4D beer goggles (patent pending). Read more

You’re never one to turn down a beer tasting, and you’ve put more than one ill-informed bartender to shame with your knowledge of how to perform the perfect pour. Now that you’ve checked out all the craft beer in your own ‘hood, it’s about time to start putting a dent in beer kegs around the globe. From brewery tours to stout tastings, there are plenty of ways to become better versed in the art of beer consumption. Pairing a beer with the right appetizer or savory main course is one of your favorite pastimes. Finding an ale that really brings out the zest in a lemon Girl Scout cookie sounds more like a welcome challenge than a disgusting endeavor. Given your talent for identifying a good beer when you so much as smell one, it’s only appropriate that you jet set to Germany or Amsterdam to check out some of the world’s top breweries. It’s about time to grab your bottle opener and passport and hit the road. Read less