Hello, Culinary Vacationer

If Emeril Lagasse ran a bed and breakfast, you would put your name on that waiting list faster than you can say “BAM!” You’re not a just a foodie, you’re a flat-out connoisseur of all things gastronomy. As a culinary traveler, the sweet promise of fried octopus at an exotic location is a bigger draw for you than it is for most people. Heck, you’ll give any local cuisine a try at least once. Caramel covered beetles? You’ll take three for the road. Read more

Your friends and family rely on your skills in the culinary arts, a fact you’re quite proud of. Whenever you top your last spread you call it “pulling a Martha Stewart,” and you don’t know a thing about stocks. Every once in awhile your bag of ingredient tricks runs a little low, and that’s when you know it’s time to embark on another culinary tour and learn how to whip up something new. Whether it’s pasta or paella that you want to perfect, cooking classes around the world combine your two favorite things: food and travel. Go ahead, do a happy dance. Just put down the paring knife first. Stuffing your face with carbs is tantamount to drinking a healthy dose of absinthe in your book. A few delectable pastries and you may as well be floating on a cloud. Of course, splurging on a gourmet meal in the likes of Paris or Milan is never above you, either. Cooking vacations call for a custom-fit apron, don’t you think? It’s time to order that baby and prep your palate for new flavors. Read less