Hello, Show Goer

Since you staged that awe-inspiring performance of Peter Pan in your parents’ garage (you played every part, no big deal), you have been a pretty big supporter of the performing arts and a bonafide show goer. Whether you are perfecting your own shower rendition of “Don’t Stop Believin’”or cheering on the actors at your favorite Broadway shows, you love to be surrounded by live entertainment. Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t even turn down tickets to a preschool musical, and the only thing you like less than small children is an easily triggered car alarm. Read more

The only downside to getting front-row seats at Las Vegas shows is that the actors are more likely to be distracted by your enormous grin and flash photography. But you have no shame, and any performer worth her salt should be able to get through a scene in “Les Miserables” while you aggressively lip sync just a few feet away. Your closest circle of friends wouldn’t dream of getting you a gift that doesn’t involve tickets to Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, or one of your favorite musicals. They do, however, stand back after they deliver the offering so they’re not caught in the line of a celebratory kick. It doesn’t matter if the show is in a small theater, huge auditorium, or someone’s backyard: You are always the loudest and proudest fan at comedy events, plays, and cabaret performances. Even if you think you’ve seen the best off-Broadway numbers and magicians in Vegas, there are plenty of shows left out there to see. It’s time to reserve your seat. Read less