Hello, Night Lifer

There’s nothing quite like the trace scent of vermouth and regret to start the day, is there? Based on your sunglasses and instinctual flinch at all noises above whisper-level, we’d guess you had another late night. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss. You’re a night lifer, so you’re always checking out the trendiest lounges and inventing new drinks into the wee hours. What can you say, the level of extraversion in your blood is .10 at all times. Read more

When you’re not being guided to the VIP queue at local bars and clubs, you’re hitting up new after-hours nightlife spots around the world. And, no, you’re not above a little stargazing and hobnobbing with some pretty famous folk (was that you making a go-go dancing cameo on an E! reality show?) After you book tickets to a new, exciting destination, the first things you look into are nightclub admissions and late night eats. Sure, you might start out the festivities with something on the mellow side, such as a dinner cruise or classy dinner show… but we all know where the night is headed. Spoiler alert: You’re not making it back to the hotel in time for the news. The night owl status you earned as a youngster staying up to read under the covers has turned into a penchant for tracking down the best party in town. From live music to inventive cocktails and even night tours of your favorite cities, if something is going down after dark you want to be there. The clock is ticking…it’s time to find a new way to stay up to greet the sun. Read less