Hello, Music Maven

Look at you, nailing your karaoke routine, choreography and all. You scoff at the need for a teleprompter. You’re a music maven, so belting out a ballad comes just as naturally as tying your cool-without-trying-too-hard shoes. When you’re not performing your own melodies, your friends know where to find you: camped out to buy concert tickets or sitting in the best seats at a live music festival. You hum so much your colleagues all have noise-cancelling headphones and a pretty major grudge against you, but they’ll never mute the song in your soul. Read more

When you head to a new destination, you’re on what some people might call a mission. You ask locals where to catch some jazz music, have been known to sniff out a folk music show, and could even be talked into an Irish music festival. The bottom line is this: If you don’t leave town without seeing a killer live show, you want a vacation do-over. You’ve been on a world tour of concert going, from elegant opera experiences to rock concerts at outdoor venues where things get…weird. Still, it doesn’t matter how many saxophone solos you’ve listened to or pop concerts you’ve crashed, there is yet more music out there to be consumed. From the free spirited to the classical, we can sense you’re ready to get your jam on at some new venues. It’s time to break out your most enthusiastic “Woo!” and buy some backstage passes. Read less