Hello, The Erudite

Sure, keeping your nose in a book leads to a strange and unpredictable tan line, but that’s not going to stop you from reading voraciously. You’re an erudite, constantly looking for new ways to consume knowledge, soaking up information like it’s Vitamin D. When you head to a new destination on the other side of the world, the only activities on your short list are things like scholarly seminars, guided tours of historic districts, and notable galleries. Read more

Maybe no one else understands why you dream in Shakespearean dialogue, but hey, that’s their loss. You won’t apologize for how the fine literature and historic factoids you’ve been consuming have worked their way into your subconscious. Academic tours are kind of your jam, and the inside of a museum of science feels like home. If you’re going to sign up for walking tours, you expect to be dazzled with a few homes of dead authors or at least the exterior of a famous palace (it’s really not that tall of an order). People may stereotype your ilk as nerds or recluses, but you know you’re just a smarty pants with a penchant for discovering what the world has to offer. And that’s awesome. You’re not afraid to shout out the right answer on trivia night, and when the question involves something especially specific like the origins of the Ming Dynasty, your team always looks in your direction. Just when you thought you knew everything, you read about new museums or group tours in an exciting destination. It’s time to stop pondering your next knowledge immersion and make it happen. Read less