Hello, History Buff

You may not be up-to-date on what a bunch of housewives in Beverly Hills are doing this season, but you can recite with precision the order in which Henry VIII dismissed his wives. You’re a history buff, so the only drama you’re interested in is the stuff of times past. While everyone else is busy planning a spring break trip to Mexico or plotting their pub crawl in Ireland, you’re ankle deep in plans to visit as many historical landmarks as possible during your week-long PTO. Read more

Your love for all things history began early in life. In fact, while your friends were dodging class to go on a joy ride, you only received absent slips when you couldn’t tear yourself away from the library’s newspaper archives. Nowadays, you’re happy to turn down happy hour if the prospect of a guided history tour awaits. Other activities that make your heart happy include heritage tours, academic seminars, and sightseeing in important places from American history. It’s not that you’re anti-social, it’s just that sometimes dead people are way more interesting than your co-workers. Especially when their idea of deep conversation is explicating the latest professional football scandal. No thanks, you’d rather spend your day off at a natural history museum or reading the latest biography on a famously controversial president. There are historical tours, new museum exhibits, and ancient ruins on this planet of ours. It’s about time you escape the modern world for a trip back in time, don’t you think? Read less