Hello, Art Aficionado

Everyone’s mom thinks their finger-paint masterpieces are museum quality. And your madre was no different, except for one small detail: She was right. Your preschool artwork may as well be displayed alongside da Vinci and Van Gogh, but alas, some critics just have no appreciation for unorthodox fine arts. These days you’re still an art aficionado, constantly canceling social plans to walk through a new art gallery or begin an inspired endeavor of your own. Read more

While you always make sure to include art museums and private gallery tours on any vacation, you’ve never stopped creating your own works of staggering genius. So, naturally, you like to spend some time at art workshops amid other creative souls when you’re traveling the world. Surrounded by artists, you never feel out of place, and you can even forget that your “real job” involves more paperwork than canvas. Besides, your next astonishing work of modern art is just bound to be the thing that gets you discovered. It’s your time to shine, Picasso. You’ve been through The Louvre so many times you’re practically a docent, and you could probably duplicate paintings like “The Starry Night” with your eyes closed (not to brag). Still, there is lots of art you’ve yet to explore, and so many more ways to get your creative juices flowing. It’s time to put down your coffee-table book of world-famous paintings and go see the real thing. Read less