Hello, Francophile

Bonjour, mon ami. We see a Francophile behind that drawn-on pencil mustache (you’re pulling it off, too, ladies). You’ve been a fan of all things France since you let that first wedge of Brie past your lips. While other kids were figuring out how to play soccer or paint by numbers, you were learning the difference between a baguette and a couronne. After all, how will you eat your way through Paris like a pro if you’re a novice at bread identification? Read more

Whether you’ve been dreaming of your first French adventure for years, or you know the City of Lights like the back of your hand, Paris attractions are just your jam. While the rest of your colleagues are carefully studying that Excel chart of this quarter’s gains, you’re thinking it looks a lot like the Paris metro map. From time to time, the Moulin Rouge in Paris has even been known to issue you a siren song. Let everyone else blow their cash on a $5 coffee every morning, you’d rather stash some cash for a city pass in Marseille and bottle of fine wine in Cannes. Oh, and that tour of Nice you’ve been dreaming about. Paris tours let you hit all the major hotspots, like the catacombs and Arc de Triomphe. But you’re not opposed to spending a lazy day checking out French fashion along the Champs Elysees and picking up a Paris museum pass when the mood strikes. The Mona Lisa awaits; it’s time to make your way to the land of grapes and Louboutins. And when the countryside calls? Well, you take thee to the train station by the count of trois. Read less