Hello, Canadaphile

So you like to travel north of the border, eh? Those Canucks are so friendly, we can’t blame ya. You’re a Canadaphile, which explains the maple leaf tattoo. Whether you’re communing with nature in Whistler or going “oot” on the town in Winnipeg, you just can’t get enough of Canada. Maybe your obsession began with that first taste of real maple syrup, or perhaps the belly laughs brought on Canadian son Dan Aykroyd really won you over. In any case, you have a fever and the only cure is more ketchup-flavored Lay’s potato chips. Read more

You want to know everything about the Great White North, from Van City to T-Dot (Vancouver and Toronto to the uninitiated). From ziplining in Calgary to horseback riding in Banff National Park, there is no inch of Canada you aren’t willing to investigate. Vancouver attractions like the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park and Vancouver Art Museum are up your alley, but you wouldn’t thumb your nose at Niagara Falls tours. You’ll be there, with bells on, calculating your chances of survival if you go over the side of the falls in a barrel. You’re ready to become an unofficial Canadian, earning your stripes by apologizing for no reason and buying milk in bags. There is no better time than now to travel to Canada and to visit some Toronto attractions or relax on a brunch cruise in Montreal. Go ahead, tour every state park at your leisure. We hear they throw you a party if you hit them all. What are you waiting for? Throw on your hockey jersey and get to packing! Read less