Hello, Anglophile

El-lo, Gov-nah. That Ancestry.com DNA test may say you only have a negligible amount of English heritage, but in your heart of hearts you’re full Brit. Who cares what science has to say on the matter? Your heart is practically tattooed with the Union Jack. You’re an Anglophile, friend, there is no denying it. You can navigate Heathrow with your eyes closed, and you like to think Gemma at the duty-free store considers you a friend by now. Read more

You can’t get enough of the top London attractions, from the Globe Theatre to Kensington Palace and the Tower of London. Walking along the Thames, hot tea in hand and fake British accent in full effect, is your happy place. You’re basically qualified to run your own London tours by now, and if the work visa wasn’t an issue you would have done it already. You practically skip out of the tube station at Oxford Circus, and wearing your Hogwarts uniform on the Harry Potter walk never gets old. Of course, when you want to see the countryside you’re not afraid to grab the next bus headed to Oxford or Stonehenge. Cheerio, Anglophile. Your favorite English activities, from Buckingham Palace tours to plays in London’s West End, are waiting for you on the other side of the pond. You could be hopping on a double-decker bus on your way to buy a Crunchie bar at Sainsbury’s this time next week. Grab your passport and start daydreaming about those fish and chips. The time to become a temporary Londoner is now! Read less