Hello, Helicopter Hound

Hello there, Iceman. We hear you’re somewhat of an expert on air adventures. Of course, you prefer blades to wings any day: You’re a Helicopter Hound. Some would say your knack for helicopter flight started early. After all, you had a penchant for flying G.I. Joe up to the ceiling fan and beyond in your remote-control copter. So what if Joe wound up in the fireplace flue on occasion? It builds character. These days you use your knowledge of choppers to win people over at speed dating (“Ever heard of a whirlybird?”). Read more

Some people only like to ride in aircraft with “doors” or “tray tables.” Pffft. That’s the beauty of helicopter rides as far as you’re concerned. One excited kick and your flip-flop could wind up in a resort hot tub 2 miles down. It’s called living a little! Plus, it’s not real sightseeing if you’re not wearing a sweet headset and overusing “10-4” in all communication. (The pilot’s eye roll just means she’s into it.) From private helicopter tours over Sydney Harbour Bridge to exploring the flight path above Niagara Falls, you’re a fan of any trip in a bladed bird. The aerial route is always your favorite option. One day you plan to invent a way for people to take flight with the aid of mechanical wings or an advanced propeller hat. In the meantime, your scenic heli rides will have to do. The good news is that there are plenty of helicopter tours across the world, from the Grand Canyon to Diamond Head. Throw on your aviators and practice your call sign, it’s time to hit the skies again! Read less