Hello, Big Air Wayfarer

Hey there, cloud chaser. We’re surprised to see you on solid ground. When people say you’re full of hot air you simply reply “I wish.” That would let you soar up past skydivers any time you please. And as a Big Air Wayfarer, you like to make your way up into the atmosphere as often as possible. It’s OK, you can admit to having a set of futuristic turbo wings on pre-order. This is a safe space, no judgement here. Read more

From the moment you let go of that helium balloon at your 3rd birthday party and watched it drift over the tree-line, you’ve been fascinated with what lies above the horizon. In fact, you often gaze at the sky and think (in the words of the sage Liz Lemon) “I want to go to there.” Whether you’re parasailing in Hawaii or making a tandem skydive in Sydney, you love the feeling of the wind rushing over your cheeks while the world goes totally silent for a few minutes. Of course, hot air balloon rides in the likes of Italy also feel a lot like a home away from home. Maybe that’s because you converted a wicker basket and old tarp into sweet patio seating at your real crib. Go ahead, research North American indoor skydiving locations and New Zealand sky jumps during your next board meeting. We won’t tell the head honcho. If you start planning now, there will be just enough time to get the proper jet pack training for your next adventure in the air. It’s time to hit the friendly skies again, brave soul! Read less