Hello, Thrill Seeker

No one knows exactly where you got your thirst for thrills (perhaps it has something to do with that journey down grandma’s laundry chute as a kid), but your blood type is “A” for adrenaline. Come to think of it, the last time someone confused you for a chicken, you were starring in a school play about Old MacDonald. Swimming with sharks, parasailing, and sand boarding are just a few of the “special skills” listed on your resume. Read more

You’re a thrill enthusiast: You tend to ride shotgun in your friends’ cars with your hands in the air, roller coaster style. Just to get your form right. “White-knuckle ride” doesn’t sound like a warning to you. Nope, it’s definitely an invitation. You’re such an expert at extreme sports and high-speed hijinks that you once had a zipline named after you. No big deal. If you’re not about to go backwards, upside down, or possibly both at the same time, you’re not interested. Any time a new opportunity for adventure pops up, you’re first in line. It might land you on a snowmobile, in a race car, or holding a towline behind a speedboat in the Caribbean with the wind whipping your face. You might even have to elbow your way through a sea of 12-year-olds at a theme park, but you’re not ashamed. What are you waiting for, thrill seeker? There is a dramatic, once-in-a-lifetime experience out there with your name on it. It’s time to buy a ticket, don’t you think? Read less