Hello, Race Track Pilot

Is that Richard Petty or Danica Patrick we spot behind those aviators? You feel the need for speed, and the way to satiate your appetite is obvious: getting behind the alcantara leather wheel of a fast car. Sure, you painted racing stripes down the side of your Corolla and have set your fair share of records playing Mario Kart, but that’s just not doing it for you anymore. Even donning your authentic, FIA-rated Nomex racing suit on casual Friday has begun to lose its luster. Read more

You’re a race track pilot in spirit, even if your dream to place in the Indy 500 has yet to be realized. No one in your inner circle was surprised when you cleared a shelf in the living room for your replica racing helmets. And no one raises an eyebrow when, from time to time, you put one on and imagine yourself racing cars or driving a Lamborghini on the Autobahn. Heck, when you get in bed each night wearing Italian driving gloves, you don’t count sheep, you count shiny black Ferraris. It’s about time you get your foot on the right pedal of some exotic cars or other fast moving vehicles, don’t you think? Maybe you’ll start small and take up go kart racing before you tackle the real deal. Or you could always go straight for the chance to drive a sports car around a track at top speed. What are you waiting for? It’s time to buckle up and leave everyone eating your dust. Read less