Hello, Adventure Addict

If you said you’ve never imagined yourself as Indiana Jones, you’d be lying. Maybe (ok, definitely) you’ve dressed up in a “Raiders of the Lost Ark” costume from time to time. What can you say…you’re an adventure addict and you’re not about to hide it. When you’re on a treadmill, it’s safe to assume you’re imagining yourself outrunning a cheetah on a wildlife safari or sprinting toward the edge of a waterfall. Adventure tours, whitewater rafting, and extreme obstacle courses are all part of your typical vacation itinerary. Read more

Sure, making that jetpack out of a JanSport® and some emergency flares in junior high was a “bad idea,” but your adventurous spirit took form at an early age. Nowadays, you’re sticking to more sanctioned adrenaline rushes, such as parasailing excursions, ATV riding, and volcano tours in far-off destinations. When you’re not dreaming about your next jungle night safari, you’re organizing the sweet candid shots from your last speedboat ride. Paddle board yoga sounds like a real snooze-fest in your book. Why would you relax on the water’s surface when you could be skimming along on an exhilarating airboat ride? You wouldn’t, and you’re happy to leave those Namaste-ers in your dust. Adventuring is your game and you plan to earn the top title. Whether your next journey takes you SNUBA diving to the ocean’s underbelly or to the pinnacle of a mountain peak, there are adventure vacations cut out just for you. It’s time to put your name on the roster. Read less