Amusement Parks in Oakland

About Amusement & Theme Parks in Oakland

At Expedia, we want you to squeeze as much fun as possible out of your vacation, so we provide a variety of discounts on theme park adventures. Brave the thrilling rides, walk and talk with the animals at the zoo, or cool down in a river raft. While not every city offers all of these attractions, these are just a few of the popular kinds of fairs available in some destinations.

Theme Parks

Get your adrenaline pumping as your roller coaster climbs to the very top of the first hill and then flies down a long, steep slope into a sharp curve, through a dark tunnel, a vertical loop, or perhaps even a corkscrew! Theme parks provide fun for every age, where you’ll find mild swings and train rides for the kiddos to enjoy, and mind boggling roller coasters and other thrill rides that the bigger kids (of all ages) will love.


Sing with the birds, roar with the lions, and laugh with the hyenas at the zoo. Learn about the animals and witness them up close and personal in exhibits that imitate their natural habitats. The zoo is a great place to see endangered species and exotic animals, too.

Water Parks

Make a splash on your next vacation. Shoot down the log flume and slip along the water slides. Water parks offer a fun-filled way to cool down as they invite you to tube down lazy rivers, surf in wave pools, and climb the water towers galore.