Top 8 Things to do in Nagoya, Japan

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3-Day Shoryudo Highway Bus Ticket with Airport Transfer
Scope out shops, temples, and museums in bustling Nagoya, explore seaside sights in Toyama, and admire charming grass-roofed houses in the village of Shirakawa. Dive into the heart of Japan with this 3-day bus pass with convenient transfers from Chubut... Read More

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5-Day Shoryudo Highway Bus Ticket with Airport Transfer
Cruise through central Japan, scoping out everything from traditional gassho-style houses in Shirakawa to bird's-eye views of the Hida Mountains. Enjoy convenient transfers from Chubut Centrair or Komatsu Airport and link up with highway buses ready to whisk you between... Read More

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Day Trip to Historic Shirakawa Village
Explore the mountain village of Shirakawa on this self-guided tour in the northwestern part of Gifu prefecture. Visit this World Heritage Site by bus and spend the day checking out traditional Japanese architecture and snapping photos from lofty vantage points Read More

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9 hours 45 minutes

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Dinner & Local Idol Performance
Immerse yourself in the flavors and culture of Japan with a delicious dinner followed by a performance from a group of local idols, or dancers. Quality Japanese food tantalizes your taste buds, and a performance from local group BSJ is... Read More

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Dinner at a Traditional Restaurant & Drinks at a Japanese Hostess Bar
Set out for an evening full of great food and entertainment with a delicious Japanese dinner and a lively cabaret experience. Savor the rich flavors of Japanese cuisine at a local restaurant and then head to a cabaret club, where... Read More

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Experience Japanese Food Sample Making
Try your hand at creating realistic, delicious-looking food samples, learning more about this highly skilled craft. Discover the tricks for making wax and plastic food appear appetizing, an essential element of marketing entrees to prospective customers in Japanese restaurants. Read More

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50 minutes

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Private Custom Tour of Nagoya and Surrounds
See Nagoya and the surrounding areas of Gifu, Mie or Shizuoka at your own pace with a personal guide to help you navigate. Go anywhere you like, asking your guide for advice if you run out of ideas. Seek out... Read More

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4 hours

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Sushi-Making Experience with Dinner
Enjoy the opportunity to make sushi with instruction from a respected and professional chef in a popular restaurant. Learn deep-rooted techniques for preparing maki, or rolled sushi, as well as nigiri, or rice topped with a slice of raw fish.... Read More

Categories: Culinary Experiences, Restaurants & Nightlife, Tours & Sightseeing

3 hours

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