Overnight Tours in Fiji

About Fiji Extended & Multi-day Tours

Fully immerse yourself in the city and culture, when you take advantage of the multi-day tours. These excursions let you embrace the destination completely over the course of a night or few days. Expedia will connect you with these expeditions that take care of everything, so you can indulge in the city without worrying about your next stop.

Two-day Tours

Get to know the city on a two-day tour. When you book one of these multi-day tours, you’ll receive the inside scoop on the city, as they offer all the time you need to fully experience the destination.

Seven-day Tours

Spend an entire week exploring the destination from top to bottom. Indulge in the local cuisine, tour the famous attractions, and experience the nightlife during a seven-day tour.

Fiji Overnight Tours Deals

3-Night Mamanuca & Southern Yasawa Islands Cruise
Sail away to the Mamanuca and southern Yasawa Islands on this all-inclusive, 3-night cruise. Take in the natural beauty of these iconic Fijian islands, choose from a myriad of water and on-land activities, and learn about traditional Polynesian customs and... Read More
4-Night Yasawa Islands Cruise
Turn your Fijian island dream—filled with endless stretches of soft beaches, aquamarine lagoons, and colorful coral gardens—into a reality on a 4-night cruise to the remote northern Yasawa Islands. Read More
7-Night Ultimate Fiji Islands Cruise
Spend a week basking in the beauty of the Mamaucas and Yasawas Islands. Relax into the perfectly paced rhythm of this ultimate vacation that combines the 3- and 4-night cruises with a complimentary day tour in between. Read More
Yasawa & Mamanuca Islands Bula Pass
Island hop at your leisure, traveling by boat between the Yasuwa and Mamanuca Islands and creating your own itinerary with the Bula Pass. Based on your own schedule, choose a flexible pass that lasts from 5 to 21 days, and... Read More
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