Vieques Island Tours, Sightseeing and Attractions

You're going to love the view from Vieques. A vacation to the enchanted island of Vieques will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. Local residents call this tiny Island in Puerto Rico "La Isla Nena." This means "Little Girl Island" and it is meant to describe the island's reputation as Puerto Rico's little sister. can help you arrange your travel plans to Vieques.

Vieques is a small island with tons of top tourist spots. One of the biggest attractions in Vieques is Bioluminescent Bay. This bay is considered one of the finest bioluminescent bodies of water anywhere on the world map. People travel from every corner of the world just to catch a glimpse of it. You simply must see this natural wonder!

The pristine beaches of Vieques are full of lush plant life. There are dozens of beaches waiting for you. A day spent sleeping on the beach is considered one of the top things to do in Vieques. Get ready to be surrounded by beautiful beaches full of white sand and blue water. Take advantage of the many opportunities to explore secret places on the island during hikes, sailing, and snorkeling. Your Vieques excursions might land you face to face with wild horses and other exotic creatures.

Your Vieques activities should include spending some time among the locals. Be sure to devote some of your stay to walking around the island's capital city of Isabel II. This is the spot where ferry boats arrive daily to transport tourists to the economic center of the island. The Town Square at Isabel II is where you can catch a glimpse of festivals and get an opportunity to interact with the people who call this enchanted island home. There is also ample opportunity for you to shop and participate in some of the best local dining experiences on the island during your visit to Town Square.

People from all over the world choose Vieques tours for fun and relaxation. They come for the unparalleled beauty of the island and the kindness of its residents. Don't miss out on the fun! Use to plan a relaxing vacation to Vieques.
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