Tulsa Tours, Sightseeing and Attractions

As the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma, Tulsa offers visitors both cultural experiences and opportunities for outdoor recreation. Although many people don't associate cities in the middle of the American West with a great deal of world-class urban cultural trappings. Tulsa was at one time called the "Oil Capital of the World," and several oil magnates bestowed substantial sums of money on the city for the purpose of making it an even more beautiful place to live and visit. Both arts and theater are extremely well represented in the city of Tulsa. Old-West history aficionados will find believe themselves to be in paradise when they walk in the front door of the Gilcrease Museum, which holds the largest collection of Old West artifacts in the world. Dance, opera, and symphony performances are also among top attractions in Tulsa that can be enjoyed on a regular basis.

There are 135 parks within the city limits of Tulsa, providing an abundance of green spaces for both guests of the city and those lucky enough to be residents. Tulsa also features an award-winning zoo, and a free-standing aquarium can be found on the Arkansas River.

One of the main attractions in Tulsa is the annual Oklahoma State Fair. Over one million attend the 10-day festivities, and the weather during the last part of September and early part of October is absolutely perfect.

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