Things to do in Tucson

Come visit Tucson! Expedia makes it easy to book Tucson tours and find the best attractions. We have a broad selection of things to do in Tucson for you to browse through and learn about all the most popular activities. It’s easy to find all the must-see Tucson sights by looking though our list of all the most popular Tucson attractions.

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City Bus Tour
Tucson is an area of Arizona that is rich in history and is commonly known as the "Old Pueblo." Your knowledgeable guide takes you on a journey from the first origins of Tucson 12,000 years ago to the present. Read More

Categories: Tours & Sightseeing

4 hours

per adult

Old Tucson Movie & TV Studios
Old Tucson Studios is where the spirit of the Old West comes alive. This theme park lets you walk the streets featured in your favorite Great Western movies. Experience an array of live shows including gunfights, stunts, and high-kicking saloon... Read More

Categories: Amusement Parks, Attractions

8 hours

per adult

Sonoran Desert Hike
Strap on your hiking boots and venture into the Sonoran Desert on a guided hike that exposes you to some of the most unique and strangest terrain you have probably ever seen. Join experienced guides and explore the Sonoran Desert... Read More

Categories: Land Adventures, Tours & Sightseeing

3 hours 30 minutes

per adult

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