Stamford Tours, Sightseeing and Attractions

For millions of comedy fans, Stamford is the city where one of the most beloved characters from "The Office" lived, but others know it as The City That Works or even Lock City. When planning your next trip, you might look at Stamford tours and Stamford excursions, but you can also plan on touring some of the top attractions in the city yourself.

Many travelers enjoy the Stamford Center for the Arts, and this is a must see site, if you love the performing arts. Local residents flock here throughout the year for the performances, which include traveling ballet companies, national rock bands, and other artists. Not far away is the Old Town Hall, which is one of the oldest and most historic buildings in the city. You can easily check out a map of the city to find other historic sites.

If you love the outdoors, head over to Cover Island Park, which is home to many Stamford activities. The numerous talking trails will let you burn off a few calories as you take in the local sites. You can view the water running alongside the park and enjoy the fresh air. Another place where you can enjoy the fresh air is at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center. Though the museum is only open on a seasonal basis, it gives you the chance to commune with nature. It runs different events for kids, and you'll love wandering around and learning more about the area.

Other places in town people love include the Avon Film Theatre Center. You'll feel like just another movie lover instead of a tourist when you sit down in one of the available seats. Unlike other theaters that only show Hollywood blockbusters, this one shows independent films and documentaries you might otherwise never get to watch on the big screen. Another of the best spots in the city is the SoundWaters Coastal Education Center. The center teaches you about the animals and marine life in the nearby area, and you'll find it offers various classes for your young travel guests, making is one of the ultimate attractions in Stamford for kids. Don't forget to look for other attractions in Stamford and other things to do in Stamford you can share with your children.
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