St. Louis Tours, Sightseeing and Attractions

If you close your eyes and imagine the St. Louis you learned about in history books as a child, you'll probably see lines of covered wagons waiting to begin the uncertain journey along the Oregon Trail. When the American West was on the edge of being settled, the city of St. Louis was known as the Gateway to the West , and you'll see remnants of the fledgling country everywhere after you open your eyes. St. Louis is an eclectic mixture of raw frontier culture, an old and thriving blues music scene and a still-present early French influence.

The majority of the top things to do in St Louis revolve around the region's vibrant history. If you visit the City Museum, you can see a map of the route the first settlers took to reach the verdant valleys of the Pacific Northwest. In some places, you will still be able to see the ruins of the homes that earned St. Louis its earlier nickname of "Mound City" that dates back to a time when the community residences consisted of barely-there Native American dugouts. The Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site is a must see for those interested in Native American culture and is among the most fascinating of the St Louis activities.

The history of St. Louis is also deeply routed in the French exploration of the North American continent; the modern city was founded by French settlers in 1764. The city's major landmark is known as the Gateway Arch as is prominently featured in all St Louis tours. Other St Louis excursions involve visiting steamship ports along the Mississippi River where it is possible to participate in day or dinner cruises. The majority of the attractions in St Louis are available on a year round basis although most tourist activity occurs during the summer months.

Sports aficionados are particularly drawn to St. Louis because the city is home to three local sports teams: the St. Louis Cardinals, the St. Louis Rams, and the St. Louis Blues. Those visiting the city can count on us here at Expedia to provide the best deals in lodging options and inform you about top dining and entertainment spots so you can combine the amenities of today with the adventure spirit of yesterday.
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