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To the north and east of Madagascar lies the island chain known as the Seychelles. Scattered across the map like tiny gems, this group of lush islands harbors rare species of plants and animals. Once a colony of France, the islands now lure tourists to their beautiful shores with the promise of stunning coral seascapes, pristine sandy beaches and a relaxed island vibe.

Travelers can find a wealth of things to do in Seychelles. One of the must see places to visit is known as the Vallee de Mai. Here visitors can stroll through a World Heritage site teeming with natural wonder. From unusual animals and birds to the unique coco de mer palm nut, this is one of the best spots in the island chain to explore the jungle.

Another of the top tourist attractions in Seychelles is the Aldabra Atoll. Popular with experienced divers and casual snorkelers alike, this 22-mile-long coral reef is known as the world's largest. Rays, sea turtles, sharks and other fascinating species can all be spied in the clear depths of this enticing lagoon.

There are even Seychelles tours that allow visitors to experience the most remote islands in the chain. Whether you choose a yacht, a glass-bottomed boat, a catamaran or a sailboat, there's plenty of adventure to be had exploring the tiny, uninhabited islands or playing in the ocean. The Seychelles are a paradise for those who love water sports; a full range of delights are on offer from many tour companies and resorts, such as deep-sea fishing and diving.

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