Sao Paulo Tours, Sightseeing and Attractions

Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and the third largest city in the world only behind Tokyo and Mexico City. At the top of the city's tallest building you can look out and see miles of skyscrapers and the entire city, which seems to have no end. Brazil's booming metropolis has so many hot spots to see and places to visit the list of attractions in Sao Paulo could go on and on, but among Sao Paulo's best attractions, a few are an indefinite must see.

The Pinacoteca de Sao Paulo is a large museum featuring exhibits of both art and history and has been noted as the most important museum of Brazil. Walk along different passageways and through different court yards to each end of the museum to see displays of Brazil's history all the way from the early European settlers to the modern periods of the resistance movement during a time of repression.

Other things to do in Sao Paulo include visiting the Hopi Hari, a local amusement park, which features all kinds of rides and tourist packages to enjoy. Some of the most thrilling rides include the Ekatomb, the Montezum, and the Wild West section of the park. This park ranks among the top in Sao Paulo excursions and can be charted on your map of touring the city.

Sao Paulo tours also take you to the Credicard Hall, one of the largest Latin American music theaters here in the city. This theater sits about 7,000 and has featured many international artists throughout its time. There are thousands of shows, which come to this auditorium so this place is definitely one to add to the Sao Paulo activities list.

Besides these mentioned places, there are also many sports venues and other public parks to visit while you're here in Sao Paulo. The largest city in Brazil awaits you ready to serve up a huge conglomeration of Brazilian culture and activities.
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