Omaha Tours, Sightseeing and Attractions

If you are seeking an all-American vacation destination, you should pay a visit to the city that's long been known as the Gateway to the West: Omaha, Nebraska. Located on the banks of the Missouri River, things to do in Omaha include leisurely riverboat cruises, fishing, exploring the city's many western museums, and wandering among the historic buildings found in the city's Old Market district. Along with the rest of the city's downtown area, Old Market is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This area contains some of the best attractions in Omaha, with many top quality restaurants, bars, art galleries, and retail shops. Spending time in Old Market will make you feel as if you slipped back in time to the days when the pioneers were just beginning to head west.

If you are a plant lover, one of the must see Omaha tours for you is the one given by the Omaha Botanical Gardens. This horticultural paradise is situated on slightly over 100 acres and features winding woodland trails and a bird sanctuary.

Blues and jazz fans will never want to leave Omaha after they attend performances at the yearly Omaha Blues, Jazz, & Gospel Festival. Omaha's jazz and blues legacy is widely known and highly appreciated among both professional musicians and fans. It is not at all unusual for a tourist to be meandering on a city side street and be lured into one of the local spots by the call of a saxophone or the wail of a blues harmonica. Visitors to Omaha frequently claim that the best Omaha excursions are ones that a tourist embarks on by himself with no particular destination in mind and no map in hand.

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