About Malaga Outlets & Malls

On your next vacation, get to know the city as you window shop and browse the department stores. Indulging on a shopping excursion provides you with the perfect way to explore the destination while you’re in town. Not every city may offer all of the following shopping spots, but these are just a few popular ones available in some cities.

Shopping Malls and Local Markets

Find out about the popular trends in town when you visit the shopping plazas. From boutiques, outlets, and upscale, urban shopping malls to quaint, small village markets, you’ll discover first-hand what the city’s style is all about. Browse the trinkets, clothes, and souvenirs to find a little something for your friends and a lot of something for yourself.

Department Stores

On your next trip to the city, place an excursion to the top department stores on your itinerary. These shopping meccas offer it all from, from clothing to home goods. Carve out time to squeeze in some retail therapy at these must-shop department stores, and then check out the other nearby shops, restaurants, and attractions.